Mar 102010

The show is live Thursday 11th of March at 4pm uk time 11am est.
Tune in at

On the show I want to know:

1. Have you ever had any strange voicemails or texts? eg  drunk ones!

2. If I get the “Best Newcomer” award from my radio station what word should I try and put into my acceptance speech? Nothing too rude now!

Please post answers BELOW as a comments.


  3 Responses to “Show Thursday 11th March”

  1. 1 A friend left a voicemail of him at a party puking in the bathroom…gross

    2 navel lint

  2. 1) I have had many strange texts and voice mails. Someone once left me a voice mail that was the sound of eight horses bathing in milk.

    2) Wasps.

  3. 1) I’ve had many a drunken voicemail/text left, sometimes they can be quite x-rated and almost always inaudible/readable.

    2) Lettuce

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