Mar 172010

The  2 hour end of term spectacular show goes live Thursday 11th of March at 3pm uk time 10am est.
Tune in at

On the show I want to know:

Topic 1: everybody gets tired and lazy at the end of term. So please complete this sentence- “you know its end of term when…”

EXAMPLE “you know it’s the end of term when… you can’t be bothered to wash and you have worn the same underwear for weeks!”

Topic 2: “If you won an award what would it be for?”.

The more ridiculous the better, you can even nominate your friends for awards!

Please post answers BELOW as a comment.


  3 Responses to “End of Term Spectacular Thursday 18th”

  1. shout out to Matthew Manning for being the most popular non- fresher in Wantage hall!!!

  2. You know it’s the end of term when you start hunting your room for loose change just to buy a banana cos your loan went bye-bye three weeks ago…

  3. You know it’s the end of term when you see all your friends go home for the break! And then you’re stuck to near the University because you already live at home while all your friends are spread all over the country (really need that All-Line Rover [ALR]!)

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