Apr 272010

Where back!
The radio show goes live Wednesday 4pm UK time 11am EST at http://www.rusu.co.uk/junction11/.

This week Bobby, our resident scientist, is back with more amazing facts. There will be all the regular madness and we will be getting political with an in-depth political debate!

Also from now on you will be able to Skype Rhodders’ student radio show! Just add the skype name rhoddersfm to your contacts.


Have you ever had a problem with a noisy/ annoying neighbour or room mate? If so how did you deal with them?


  4 Responses to “LIVE radio show Wed 28th April”

  1. During the exam period last year I had this neighbour who I apparently drove to breaking point for simply tapping on my desk whilst revising. But apparently it was louder than the music that was being blasted out…

  2. I have an office mate who absentmindedly whistles through his teeth while he works. So annoying after a while that it drives people to pound on his cubicle wall constantly.

  3. I had a neighbour who used to play loud rock music and EMO such as My Chemical Romance early on a Sunday Morning, luckily we are friends.

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