Oct 252010

What fun we had last week, so much fun we are going to to do it all again! Wednesday the 27th at 5:30PM UK time on Junction11 http://www.rusu.co.uk/junction11/ . Just to clarify you don’t have to be at Rhodders’ university to listen, you can be anywhere with an Internet connection!

On the show this week…

We will be having an interview with a few members of the Reading University Swimming Club. these guys are attempting to swim the Solent! Why are they doing this in Autumn? All will be revealed! Plus we have all the regular mayhem.

Show topic

Every week we like throw out a topic for you lot to get touch with us about. This term,with your help, we are compiling “Rhodders’ student survival guide”!

Chapter 2: Don’t be a mug

We want to know what what are your inventive and mad ways to deter muggers/ thieves.


  One Response to “Show Wednesday 27th”

  1. Don’t venture outside, stay in your room at all times. Don’t even go to the fridge!

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