Nov 222010

Tune in Wednesday 24th 5:30PM UK time on Junction11 where ever you are.

On the show this week…

After a weeks absence we are back. In the studio we will be talking to up-and-coming comedian Russ Powell. We’ll be talking about how to get started in stand-up comedy and Russ’ various adventures s a comic.

We’re revisiting nightclubs in this weeks chapter of the students survival guide.

Chapter 4: Nightclub etiquette

Imagine you have walked into a nightclub for the first time – what would you assume is the proper way to behave at one of these establishments? What one rule would you think it was necessary to follow? Leave a comment below or get in touch via Facebook or Twitter.


  2 Responses to “Show November 24th”

  1. All pints must be served with hot buttered crumpets.

  2. I would like to see the Purple Turtle’s ‘no hats’ rule supported by the installation of a hatstand on the door and perhaps a footman to supply a change of slippers for each customer on arrival.

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