Jul 172012

Rhodders launches his brand-new show “Idle talk” a sideways look at pop culture and life with a philosophical slant. In the co-host corner is illustrious illustrator Nicola Patten (nicolapatten.com). This week’s theme is “how to live a meaningful life”.

This week we discuss: the point of the new show, dads being overexcited by the Olympic flame,  Christmas (yes were even earlier than the card shops!),  we get a creepy caller, graduating, is it worth going to university anymore?, media courses, dyslexics in schools, making your own purpose in life, Susan Wolf’s theory of a meaningful life, can any activities be objectively valuable?, Rhodders thinks sudoku and  football suck but can’t find a decent argument for his clame! + more.

email- radio AT rhodders.com


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