Jul 222012

Idle Talk (A sideways look at pop culture and life with a philosophical slant)  goes live 8pm UK time at 1Radio.org. If you want to call into night then please add the Skype name- rhodders.com


The main themes tonight will be: success, status anxiety and graduate employment.

We will be discussing the question of what is success? Where did the idea of success come from? Can we or should we redefine it?

According to Alain de Botton status anxiety  is the worry we can conform to our society’s idea of success and will not  longer be f respected. We could be occupying too modest modest a rung or about fall to a lower one. Is this really happening and is there a cure?

Graduate employment, this is a term worrying Rhodders and many of his peer group. We will try and have a practical and helpful discussion regarding the graduate job market.

We may or may not discuss all of the above, we have a tendency to deviate!

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