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Apr 252016

To celebrate the 18th birthday of Reading University’s student radio station, junction 11, a number of alumni were invited back to present one more show.

Rhodders managed to track down his old gang and drag them out of their post uni life for one more show. Reunited Rhodders, producer Siobhan 2.0 and news Bozo Chris embarked on what can only be described as an hour-long showcase of silliness, daft features and irreverent rambling.

On the show: We try and think of a new marketing slogan for Reading University, The team find out how out of touch with students they are, Siobhan’s friend Edith becomes an agony aunt.

Classic features include- What’s Gone Wrong Siobhan?, Chris’ News and Thought experiments with James.

Thanks for having up back Junction11!

Also available on Mixcloud.

Sep 302014

Another week of news and nonsense has flown by. Rhodders is joined by topical comedian and radio host,  Steve N Allen. They talk MP Brooks Newmark has  resigned after reportedly been sending “X rated” pics to an undercover reporter. Was discuss weather this was an unfair setup or are MPs fair game?

Richard Branson has offers certain Virgin staff unlimited holiday. Steve loves the idea and believe people in the UK work too hard. Rhodders, as usual, is sceptical.

We review Paul McCartney’s  has unleashed or rather re released that classic  2009  tune “Meat Free Mondays” in support of his vegetarian campaign. He also does a terrible Jamaican accent for no real reason!

Also If past week had not been strange enough Uri Geller has bent the iPhone 6!

Sep 152014

The Scottish independence referendum is mere days away. Where you are an an “Aye” or an “och aye the NOO”? Rhodders tires to get to the heart of the debate. Rhodders is joined by comedian  Erich McElroy. American Erich McElroy got himself a British passport and now it appears the Scottish section is under threat.

His show “The British Referendum It’s not just about you, Scotland” was one of  only ‘No’ shows at the Edinburgh Fringe this year Erich has appeared on ITV Borders, BBC Four Edinburgh special and Newsnight.

On The Land of Rhod Erich engages  in a  lively debate with “Yes” voter  and Dunfermline  resident Garry Evens.

Other topics include  why Nigel Farage is finding the independence referendum so funny. Also, its getting wild in Wigam! Councillor Robert Bleakley has been disciplined and banded for talking to female staff  after calling  sex chat lines from his work phone and sending abusive texts.

You can see Erich McElroy’s Scottish independence show one last time on Tuesday 15th at the Museam of Comedy in London info- http://www.erichmcelroy.com/

Sep 052014

This past week our Facebook feeds have been flooded with the latest charity-based craze, the ice bucket challenge. Rhodders was nominated multiple times but refused to do it.  Rhodders explains himself.  We discuss whether or not you are a bad person if you don’t do the challenge and we ask how much good is the challenge really doing?

To make things more interesting Rhodders was nominated by Kiss FM Portugal’s breakfast show host Si Frater. Rhodders rings him on air and confronts him!

Also on the show, every year thousands of comedians make the journey to Edinburgh to seek fame and fortune (well at least fame!). While Rhodders was at there he caught up with topical comedian and Fringe veteran Steve N Allen.  Steve talks candidly about everything Edinburgh including comedy critics and how the Fringe works.



Jul 292014

A topical talk show like no other, with broadcaster and comic Rhodders.

This week Rhodders is joined by comedian Iszi lawrence (@iszi_lawrence).

This past week Miliband has tried to portray him as a man of principle and policy not polish and pictures. We ask is politics too much about looks and not enough about policy?

All over the UK kids are putting down their ipads and picking up  bags of little rubber bands. Rhodders tires to investigate the loom band phenomenon and fails to make a loom band

Also find out why David Tredinnick MP is urging the government to too the Stars and why its making Iszi so angry.

There are also many bizarre tangents!

Jul 082014

A topical talk show like no other, with broadcaster and comic Rhodders.

On this week’s show: like it or not fanged footballer Luis Suarez seems to be a role model. Recently a 7 year old was caught apparently copying the infamous bite attack. We ask with such a high pressure game is it fair or even realistic to expect footballers to be good role models? To help answer this question Rhodders is joined by Pete Donaldson from The Football Ramble Podcast and Absolute Radio. Find The Football Ramble Podcast at www.thefootballramble.com.

Facebook has come under criticism after it was discovered they have been conducting psychological experiments on users without their knowledge. Does this put you off Facebook?

Also, the Office of Rail Regulation have fined Network Rail a whopping £90 million for late trains. The fine money will be spent on installing superfast WiFi. Rhodders is incensed and questions whether this is the best use of the money.


Jul 022014

A topical talk show like no other, with broadcaster and comic Rhodders. 

Graduation season is upon us and with thousands of graduates in menial jobs with no relevance to their course we ask “Should university just be about getting a job?”  Glastonbury was last weekend. Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden has been moaning that all the “glampers” have made Glasto too posho! Is he right? The custard pie is the perfect  prop for innocent practical joke or is it? A schoolboy has been expelled and is being questioned by police after pieing a teacher. Plus lots more.

Jun 262014

A topical talk show like no other, with  Rhodders and guest cohost, topical comedian and radio host,  Steve N Allen. On the show: Rhodders discovers the worst bottle of wine in the world, people complain about the lack of news coverage of an anti-austerity protest featuring Russell Brand, a sugar tax has been proposed to try and stop childhood obesity, will it work or just leave people bitter? Michael Fabricant, should think before he tweets and we will we finally will see the end of sneaky creepy CCTV cars?

Jun 192014

A topical talk show like no other, with broadcaster and comic Rhodders.  On the show this week: this past week education Sec Michael Gove announced that he wanted British values taught in schools. Rhodders goes out on the streets of Reading to ask people about “what’s a good British trait?” The results were rather interesting! Ed Milliband is in hot water again, and this time it’s hotter than The Sun! The Labour leader has been facing serious criticism after posing with a copy of The Sun newspaper. And finally to celebrate Father’s Day we make a list of all things things Dad from dad dancing to dad jokes. 

Jun 092014

We’ve had a dig around in the archives and managed to cobble together a “best of” from this topical talk show. Yes, there was enough to make a whole show! On the show: Is breast feeding in public wrong? Stone Henge Druids are angry about plans to put bones on show, Ed Miliband singa a Michael Jackson song (sort of), the child care crisis, what happened when Rhodders was a guest on another radio show, an item about “rights for great whites” great side tracked into a discussion about rubbish turtles rip off, Street Sharks and is it wrong to still listen to The Lost Profits?