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After graduating in philosophy from the University of Reading Rhodders feared the philosophy part of his brain would shrivel up and die. He figured the best way of maintain his philosophical inclinations was to start a philosophy radio show.

Idle Talk is a philosophy based podcast aimed at making philosophy interesting and accessible for everyone. Philosophy is for everyone, we all ask questions. The show features interviews with academics and other interesting people from outside academia. Shows are sometimes silly, sometimes serious and cover a wide range of topics.

During the live shows anyone can call in using the Skype name “” . Any comments or suggestions please email info AT

The podcast is available on iTunes (five star reviews are gratefully received!) and Audioboo or from the right hand side of this site –>

“Open your mind and then your mouth”


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  1. Loved the show, great talk show format, not enough of this about and certainly not with the same humorous feel. Nichola adds a different spin on things so it keeps the show flowing.

    Just my little opinion, but keep it up, great stuff!

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