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Stand up comedy…

What happened to the unlikely lad? Rhodders is a philosophy graduate turned comedian and radio presenter.
His on stage persona has been described as “a ball of nervous energy delivering his own brand of neurosis to the audience” (Honest Comedy).
Rhodders is a rare concoction of sarcasm and silliness, with a slight hint of bitterness.
Leave logic at the door and allow this anarchic eccentric to show you the world from his peculiar perch.

Current topics include: why nostalgia is rubbish, why Sports Direct is like a Greek myth and why reading travel news doesn’t mean you can drive!

Winner of the Honest Comedy Gong Show (Banbury) November 2016

What people say…

“Rhodders is without doubt one of the freshest, original and funny comedians working the circuit at the moment. He had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand and it was an honour to have him in the festival.”- Matt Fox, Director of the Swindon Fringe Festival

“Nice set”- Adam Kay from Amateur Transplants

“A night of comedy gold” 4 StarsThe Reading Post

“The room was filled with laughter… virtually wall-to-wall with an appreciative crowd.”- GetReading

“A young firebrand with funny words that belie his innocent visage”- Laughing Coyote.

“Rhodders has a good stage presence, can write a decent gag and is getting better every time I see him”- Iszi lawrence

“Rhodders MCed and headlined our night. A hilarious gentleman and scholar. He’s going places” – Oxfam Comedy Jam.  

“Rhodders is a ball of nervous energy delivering his own brand of neurosis to the audience. He created a warmth with the audience at the same time as making them squirm in their seats. Well worth booking this young comic and we look forward to seeing him again.”- Honest Comedy

Here is a playlist of Rhodders performing standup-

To find out where Rhodders is performing next take a look at the Gigs/Shows page.

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